Posted By Mimita
A bran new blog
From the little frog
We’re gonna blab
Till we build our abb
I know, I know, the «s»!
A good rhyme, no less
But laughter does that
A good chuckle, a chat
Get that belly working
With a bit of wording
We’ll get healthy and strong
Where there is no wrong
This blog does not judge
Maybe use Mud Pudge
I know, these should be «o’s»
So why do we pronounce it soes??
Point is we need a moment
To release the potent
Energy going wild
Inside every child
In us, in our mind
That we must find
We will say it all
In the glory, in the fall
With lots of love
From up above
Over the hill
Very windy but still
So come yap with mees
About the world and the bees
Let the passion out
Don’t stand about




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