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TS-May-Week 5
... with my leftovers from the Bunny Love collection!!  I'm sad to see it gone, that paper collection was quite Sparkly!!

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TS-May-Week 4

Yes!  We challenged ourselves and everyone else to «cluster» this week.  I'm sad that my image is of such poor quality, yes, still the camera problems... But I love this LO!!  =)

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TS-May-Week 3b

TS-May-Week 3a

TS-May-Week 3
I like embossing and since it was the topic of the day, I embossed, embossed, embossed my little heart's content!  Embossing doesn't show that well on images, it's frustrating, it's one of these things that are so much nicer in real life.  But I added some close-ups so that you can see better.  I do hope it inspires you.  Embossing is a must for all scrapbookers and moreso for card makers!!  And it's easy!!!!!!  A bit messy perhaps, but EASY!!! =) 

(oh and yes I know, my ribbon came undone, I didn't see it until after I saw my photos!! LOL  I fixed it.)

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I'm sorry about the image quality by the way, our old camera went nuts the other day and somehow, all my pics are terrible.  We will do something about that very soon!! 

TS-May-Week 2

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TS-May-Week 1
This week, we are experiencing with the Fancypants new paper filters!!  I embossed mine, sprayed it with Glimmer Mist and then I sewed 4 pieces together to make petals.  This stuff is strong!  I was impressed at how you can sew it and it doesn't rip!!   =) 

And for the center of the flower, I simply punched a 1'' circle and applied Glossy Accent on it, then I sprinkled the left over paper pieces that you get from punching!  It's my little angel dust!! LOL  I had fun. 




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