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I love my kettos!!!!!!!!!  Gosh these stamps are still my favourites after a few years, I don't know why, I just love them!  Here is the card I made with the Authentique papers.


A hint with colouring stamped images to make a card:  Choose your papers first, THEN choose the colours of your image!!  It makes the matching process so much easier!!!  This is a trick I learned from Danej, one of fantastic talented card mentor!!!!

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COL - Card 1

COL - Card 2

COL - Card 3

COL - Card 4

COL - Card 5

And the other challenges I did were all cards and each challenge worked well with my little series!  These are all my garden pics!!  Yup!!!  =)

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TS-May-Week 5
... with my leftovers from the Bunny Love collection!!  I'm sad to see it gone, that paper collection was quite Sparkly!!

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This one is the double embossing technique, with Distress ink, from Francophun, you can see it at Inspire-Carte's blog here:

2010-August Card-010


This one has nothing special but it's my favourite!
2010-August Card-009


Don't you just love Halloween?
2010-August Card-008


How do you like my double punch?
2010-August Card-007


Another example of Francophun's double embossing technique but with Perfect Pearl:
2010-August Card-006


The background here is made with 3 colours of Glimmer mist (the next card as well, the bottom of this was white)
2010-August Card-005

2010-August Card-004


Another double embossing..
2010-August Card-003


And these are the Iris folding technique that Myriam told us about at SL!  Easier than it looks by the way, you should all try it!  And they say you are supposed to fold your pieces but I inked instead, it's a lot less thick in the end!!
2010-August Card-002

2010-August Card-001

And that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed!!!

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