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Posted By Mimita

Please forgive me for not finding time to update the blog!!  I was busy busy busy as you will see...

This is my LO (yes I learned that you call this an LO!! LOL  Isn't it hilarious? Been scrapbooking for a long time and yet, I never knew this before, live and learn!!) =)... So, this layout is SL's Rally - 3rd event participation and......... I'm off to the 4th Event!!!!!  Yeehaw, such excitment, hard to contain!!  Every girl did such amazing wonders that I can't believe i'm still in the race!! Someone pinch me!!!  =)

SL Rally - The Woods

You can't see too well on the image but there is crackled Accent in between the stones.  The journaling is made of Alexandrians and they all rhyme in «A»... this is a challenge I set for myself when it began and so far, I've been able to respect that!!  I had fun scrapbooking for this Rally!!

Posted By Mimita

Here is the 2nd layout I made for the big rally.  This was ridiculously out of my comfort zone!!  While I love the romatic, girly style, I don't necessarily have it in me!! LOL  I struglled with this layout, it took me 6 days of pondering... And the hilarious thing is that I actually switched my flowers on the picture digitally.... The original ones are lignt pink and white, not purple at all!!  My husband thinks it's amazing!!  LOL  I think it's hilarious!!

You have to have something funny to remember about your good times scrapbooking!!  (yeah, the wedding too of course).

So, here's the page:

SL Rally - The Wedding Page

Posted By Mimita

These are exciting times for scrapbookers!!  With the big CHA and all!! New collections coming out create new needs!! lol  And the older collections that we love are going cheap, as stores make room for new stuff!!  It's a great time for us!!  =)

But I'm even more excited because I am scrapbooking side by side with the pros since the big rally began at SL!!  I cannot believe I was not yet thrown out!!  I now just finished my layout for the 3rd event!!  YES!!!  The THIRD!!!!  I'm still in shock from the first one which earned me six special mentions (from seven judges!!)  I'm dizzy quite frankly and I'm not used to this, is my head swelling??  I most certainly hope not!! lol

Because I scrapbook for the pleasure and always in the hopes of sharing with, passing on this passion to others.  I never did it for fame.  That would take the whole fun out of it, I don't work as well under pressure...  I do but for my job, not for scrapbooking!! lol

This is the famous first page that made me pass the first event of the big rally: 


SL Rally - The Lizzie Page




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