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Fridge Magnets pic 1

Fridge Magnets pic 2

Gosh, I also LOVE this collection, I love nature!!  I'm at the zoo every year of course and have photos that go so well with these papers too!!  This is just sooo exciting for me!!!  I'm having a blast!!


For WEEK 1, featuring My Next Stamp, I love these stamps!!!!!  I wanted to do something other than a card.  You know, we want our stamps to get used!!  Otherwise, what's the point of having them!  So I made this fridge magnet set.


This would make a perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays or a pleasant little gift with a bottle of wine when dining with friends.  It can be personalised to suit each taste and interest!   I first saw this idea on a card from FRANCEP, a very talented fellow local scrapbooker.  She makes awesome cards.  Her blog is in French but if you care to see her stuff, it's worth the visit, even if it's just to see the images, she's oh-so talented and is bound to inspire you!!


It's here:




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