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This brings me to the first subject of conversation: Loneliness..


I know it’s not funny but it’s important in my mind because too many people are secluded and feel so misunderstood. Sometimes there are people all around us but we feel lonely, we just don’t feel like we fit in. Why is that? We’re so afraid of being judged when we interfere with others. We don’t get out enough as a result. Society establishes silent conventions, you know, like «people don’t wear white boots in the winter» or «politics, taste and religion are not subjects of conversation», I do realize that if we all started burping and farting, scratching out butts at dinner table, it wouldn’t be so pretty and enjoyable necessarily to some…. But we call ourselves open minded…


Free speech, eh? We hear these words all the time. I know only too well that if I’m on a bus in Toronto and start laughing aloud, every one turns and gives me the look, they think I’m crazy. After a while, we hide our true-selves inside, we are busy building on an image. An image for our peers at school, an image for our boss and co-workers, an image for family and one for the neighbours… Ah the neighbours!! Some are comfortable with their image while others feel silently misunderstood. I think most of us feel this in some way at some point in time.


It’s a great mal of our community. We all need to express from the bottom of our heart. We do have the right to love what we love, to nourish our passions. We say we should find our bliss but can we?? What does that mean in today’s world? Frankly, I think it should be a human right, a vital right for our mental balance. So let’s talk. Is it the overly competitive atmosphere around you, or that you long for a conversation with an adult because you spend your day with your 2 year old? We love them so much but a normal conversation doesn’t hurt… Is it that you are retired or limited in your mobility or that society rejected you, with all your tribulations, that it is hard to maintain your self confidence? It’s all the same… We all need to know that we aren’t alone, that there is someone out there who thinks like we do. We need to know that we are human and understood somewhere. In fact, who ever said that the first impression should be created with an image rather than ourselves? 


I think everyone can see themselves in what I’m saying, even those who start making a lot of money for example, they find that their old friends give up on them, why is that?? The new image doesn’t fly? I say we should make an effort to be ourselves, at least outside the times when we have no choice. And I believe the internet to be the very most sensational invention to solve this problem; we can say what’s on our mind and share. My dream is that someday, we open our minds and live peacefully without judgement of those who have differences of opinions, that we learn to be ourselves while respecting others and that we get out there instead of cooping ourselves up alone with our thoughts... Is it possible?? What do you think?

Posted By Mimita
A bran new blog
From the little frog
We’re gonna blab
Till we build our abb
I know, I know, the «s»!
A good rhyme, no less
But laughter does that
A good chuckle, a chat
Get that belly working
With a bit of wording
We’ll get healthy and strong
Where there is no wrong
This blog does not judge
Maybe use Mud Pudge
I know, these should be «o’s»
So why do we pronounce it soes??
Point is we need a moment
To release the potent
Energy going wild
Inside every child
In us, in our mind
That we must find
We will say it all
In the glory, in the fall
With lots of love
From up above
Over the hill
Very windy but still
So come yap with mees
About the world and the bees
Let the passion out
Don’t stand about

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