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I love my kettos!!!!!!!!!  Gosh these stamps are still my favourites after a few years, I don't know why, I just love them!  Here is the card I made with the Authentique papers.


A hint with colouring stamped images to make a card:  Choose your papers first, THEN choose the colours of your image!!  It makes the matching process so much easier!!!  This is a trick I learned from Danej, one of fantastic talented card mentor!!!!

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TS-Aug-Week 4
An Inspired by page.

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This month I thought I should show you how to make the slider card. This is not a new technique but many don't know it. And it's so easy and it makes a really nice card.


Slider Card 1a


Slider Card 2a
Slider Card 1b



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TS-Aug-Week 3a
TS-Aug-Week 3b
Hidden journaling!!  Who doesn't like hidden journaling???  hehehe



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TS-Aug-Week 1
This week, we are working with Tinted tape, I had the Linen.  It worked really well over the dark brown Bazzill.  I like it!!




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