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My latest scrapbook pages:









A gift box made with Kiki-Art paper:


2 cards made with Kiki-Art paper:



A card  for Eli's challenge at the September SL card crop:


And 3 pages made for the English DT candidature:  I love the third one!!  =)




Hope you enjoy!!  =)

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Well, I’m very excited over 2 things : I finally uploaded a bunch of scrapbook pages on the weekend, you can check them out at Mim’s Corner, in the Scrapbooking section if you want: 

I know, it says it’s in French but really it’s all images. I do plan on getting the site fully bilingual, with the exception of the old Sim City stuff, well, there are years of work in there and the game isn’t so popular anymore, why bother? But anything after 2008 will be in both languages. That will come up shortly.

Also, don’t laugh anybody, some are my early pages and some are experiments and since I just can’t toss anything out, some are not so good, but I still had fun with them and they are good souvenirs. So there!  =) 

Now, the most exciting news is that I am invited as a guest artist on Kiki-Art’s French blog! … Don’t say it aloud, I’m holding my breath… I also applied to be a DT member on their English blog and we won’t hear from that for another couple of weeks… Oh I just love their products!! (Their link is below the text if you want to check them out) From what I understand, the main artist is Kiki herself, she seems to love true and bright colours, we definitely have that in common, and bling too!!!  Pretty hearts and a little funk, sugar and spice and everything nice!!!  Oh I found that I get lost in my dreams when I work with her papers, with any other company, sometimes I sit and ponder for 2 hours before I begin a page; but with Kiki-Art!! Ah it flows, I know what I’m doing before I sit down, I find it incredibly inspiring. Well I can show you these projects for now, that are up on their French blog with the invitation:

Page 1 - Candidature DT Kiki-Art
Page 2 - Candidature DT Kiki-Art
Page 3 - Candidature DT Kiki-Art

I find it amazing that I can do this in the mood that we’ve been in with our latest struggles over the summer… What will I do when all gets better? I’m sorry, it is so unlike me to brag-swell my head like this but it’s that time of month and I had a really rough week; so let me enjoy the moment!! LOL (I’m seeing Eddie Murphy in my head in that movie, can’t remember the name, when he points his gun at a guy and says «I have had a VERY BAD DAY!!» LOL   =)  I’m just so excited, I really do LOVE Kiki-Art. =) I’m very, very proud to have the opportunity to work with their team as you can imagine!! Yippiiiie!

Here is their main page link, you can access the blog from there! Lots of stuff to see:

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