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This month I thought I should show you how to make the slider card. This is not a new technique but many don't know it. And it's so easy and it makes a really nice card.


Slider Card 1a


Slider Card 2a
Slider Card 1b



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When our head Turtle asked, on the Facebook page,  what tutorials the Scrapping Turtle crowd would be interested in,  there was a request for a tutorial on making a mini.

I really like making minis and you know how I do tend to go overboard with tutorials, I jumped at the opportunity!

However, I quickly realised how many images this would entail...  I always wanted to try making a video and decided this was the time!  With the (amazing) help of my husband Jeff, we put this video together!!  I hope you find inspiration in it!!

So yes!!!!!  This is our first video ever!!!!!!  And it was filmed with a cheap cheap camera at that!! (it's a Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS), I'm quite proud of my dear hubby!!!!

It's 38 minutes long.... sorry it's an epic in internet standards but I think you can get something out of it whether your are a novice or veteran scrapper.


Click Here to View The Video Titled: A Christmas Mini

By all means, let me know if you like it!!!  It's our first, we want to know how we are doing so we appreciate the input. (Either right here or directly on Exposureroom (where the video is hosted).  Thanks!!




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