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Please forgive me for not finding time to update the blog!!  I was busy busy busy as you will see...

This is my LO (yes I learned that you call this an LO!! LOL  Isn't it hilarious? Been scrapbooking for a long time and yet, I never knew this before, live and learn!!) =)... So, this layout is SL's Rally - 3rd event participation and......... I'm off to the 4th Event!!!!!  Yeehaw, such excitment, hard to contain!!  Every girl did such amazing wonders that I can't believe i'm still in the race!! Someone pinch me!!!  =)

SL Rally - The Woods

You can't see too well on the image but there is crackled Accent in between the stones.  The journaling is made of Alexandrians and they all rhyme in «A»... this is a challenge I set for myself when it began and so far, I've been able to respect that!!  I had fun scrapbooking for this Rally!!

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