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Posted By Mimita

COL - Card 1

COL - Card 2

COL - Card 3

COL - Card 4

COL - Card 5

And the other challenges I did were all cards and each challenge worked well with my little series!  These are all my garden pics!!  Yup!!!  =)

Posted By Mimita

Crop on Line - Layout 1

Oh what a big blast this is every year at SL!!!  The girls are so inspiring and imaginative, the challenges are awesome!!  Too bad this fell right on my busy days at work or I would have done them all!!!  I only did 7 challenges in the end.  But I'm still so pleased because this pushed me to finally try Mariemily's rainbow colour combos!!  She's the Queen of that for sure and I had been drooling a while.... So yeah!!  I finally did it!!



Posted By Mimita

Crop on Line - Layout 2


This one was the Orange monochrome LO, I love that picture!  These are the boys, yes, it's not a reflection!! LOL  Look well, if it was, they would both be looking at you!! hehehe



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