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Oh another week of great fun, still with the BoBunny Zoology collection!!  This week I worked with the i-rock tool from Imaginisce!!  You know when you go on a frenzy?  Well I want to bling-bling-bling everything!!!  LOL

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Again, we are working with the BoBunny Zoology Collection at Scrapping Turtle this month!!!  This paper makes it easy, it's like a breeze!!  I seldom make layouts this fast, this one was made in under 2 hours.


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Yes, posting it all at once!! See? I did say you'd find out how busy I've been... In our quest to be more and more original as we advance to the Event 4 of the Rally, this is what hapenned: 

I had a blast working on this one, with paper piecing, embossing, inking, varnishing, inking again.... Funny thing is that I thrilled on my flowers!!  I am so bad at making my own flowers and the background!!  Pompoms with my grandmother's old buttons!  But everyone was more thrilled to see the rooster.  Go figure! LOL  In my mind that sort of thing has been done before but I never saw pompom flowers nor real chicken wire backgrounds!!!  LOLOL  I was so proud!!! LOL  Ah I had fun, a lot of it!!! =)

Here is the layout:SL Rally - The Roosters

Here is a close up, the legs and head parts were so much work!!! LOL  It turned out ok.  The eggs are homemade too by the way, they are made of Model Magic and sprayed with Glimmer mist.

Close up Rooster

 So this one also has alexandrians!!!  LOL  I am keeping my own promise to continue rhyming everything in «A» for the entire duration of the big Rally.  Everything I wrote so far in all journaling rhymes with «A»... at this point, I can say it's like my lucky charm!! LOL




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